What is meant by our 24/7 service?

Does this mean that you as a customer just need to call and we will take care of everything? Yes, that’s right!!!

Our service goes further than that of any other supplier of temporary flood barriers, we therefore believe that we do not sell a product but provide a service. A service in which the customer is king. A service that can provide exactly what the customer wants.

Service Flood protection by TubebarrierTubeBarrier on the road

The client can be a (local) government agency as well as a water board, community or possibly an industrialist.

Below you find a number of factors that play a part when a flood or flooding occurs.

  • If there is a threat of a flood or flooding it is likely that there is a lot for you to arrange and placing a temporary flood defences might be just too much. And, or, you cannot afford to miss people at the time of a disaster.
  • The safety of the Tubebarrier will benefit from (periodic) maintenance. But this does require an investment in time and money within your organization. You will annually have to get the Tubebarrier out of storage for inspection.
  • Imagine you ordered a Tubebarrier of 500m length, this will be stored in 50 pallet boxes. If you do not have room for this at your location, you have to store the Tubebarrier elsewhere.
  • Maintenance flood barrier take care of

We gladly accept these “worries” instead of you and we like to think, and anticipate with our customers. Therefore we are working with a service provider that can remove a large sum of “worries”, thus unburdening you. Our service provider operates throughout the Netherlands and already has years of experience with disasters. Therefore they can respond quickly and effectively to a flood and or flooding.

In some cases we also can provide you with the Tubebarrier through a lease agreement or a “pilot agreement”. This creates the possibility of spreading the costs of your investment.

So all in all we can say that we try to think along with the customer. But if you have other questions or concerns regarding our 24/7 service please let us know.