Flood Barrier storage of our Tube flood defences

The Tubebarriers consist of elements of 10 meters which are folded down as an accordion into a pallet.

Storage box flood tube barrier

Flood Barrier storage

A 10 meter Tubebarrier can be reduced down to 1 meter by the accordion-effect. The pallet boxes are 100 x 120 x 120 centimeters. These boxes weigh approximately 30 kg., the Tube Barrier itself weighs about 70 kg. That will give you a total of roughly a 100 kg. per box with a 10 meter embankment. The pallet boxes have a separate lid that is easy to remove.

The boxes have sledges at the bottom so that if needed they can be pulled by human hands through grasslands or mud. Especially on rough paths that cannot be reached by car this is a godsend. The boxes can be easily stacked so that you can save a considerable amount of space.

The flood defences storage should be dry. A dry environment ensures that any residual moisture in the boxes can evaporate.

The PVC fabric is a similar cloth which is also used on trailers and trucks. These trucks drive in all sorts of weather. This material is long lasting, and therefore very well suited for long term storage…


The standard TB-7010 ( 70 cm high) model Flood Barriers are packed per Section of 10 meters in a pallet box with dimensions of 120 x 100 cm and 100 cm high. This is a strong plastic box where you can put all the Barrier supplies. This means that you have everything at hand per 10-meter section.

These plastic boxes weigh around 35 kg, together with the contents of the box the weight will be around 125 kg.Pallet storage box flood barrier

The pallet boxes can be stacked up to 5 high so that you can place 50 meters of Barrier on 1.2 m2 of floor space. The boxes are supplied with a lid as standard. Because the box is completely sealed, the material in the box is more resistant to external influences. Transport is best done with a forklift truck or with a pallet truck. There are also specially adapted hand trucks that can move the box quickly and easily at short distances without having to lift a lot. If there is water trapped inside the barrier during storage, this will not affect product longevity as long as the water is dirt free. Fallen leaves and other waste material left inside the barrier can damage and dry up the fabric, thus reducing the useful life of the barrier.

Maintenance flood barrier

When the barrier is properly washed and stored, it does not emit any smells. However, improper cleaning and storage may lead to some unpleasant smells when the barrier is deployed once again.

Every flood defences barrier should be kept in its storage box or bag for protection against UV rays, dirt, and damages, as well as easier handling during transport.

dimensions Storagebox flood barrierAs far as rodents are concerned, they are not attracted to PVC cloth, and so far known, will not chew this type of material.

Of course other Boxes are available for other Model Barriers.

Folding the Tubebarrier for storage

  • Stand with one person behind and one person in front of the barrier.
  • The person in front of the barrier picks up the front flap and places it on the tunnel.
  • The person behind the barrier grabs the rubber elastic attached to the storm flap and hooks it into the sail ring of the front flap.
  • Repeat this with the remaining elastics.
  • Fold the barrier together so that a small package is created.
  • Place the storage box next to the package.
  • Lift the flood defences Barrier from 1 side and press it into the box, making sure that the ends of the slats are pressed down properly in the box.
  • Repeat this with the rest of the Barrier, the Barrier is neatly stacked in the box.
  • Place the ground anchors and all other material that belongs to this Section on top of the box. If there are sharp objects, make sure that it is properly covered so that no sharp parts pierce the PVC cloth.
  • Place the lid on the box and, if present, place the clamps of the lid.
Folded Flood Barrier