The installation of the Tubebarrier is simple, fast and can be installed almost anywhere.

The Tubebarrier is delivered per 10 meter element complete in a pallet box, which contains everything you need for the installation of the weir.

Every situation is different and therefore the set up of the weir varies. But globally, you place the pallet boxes every 10 meters and draw the elements out of the boxes, just so that the sides of the Tubebarriers meet.

The elements are connected to each other. Also there is a flap that one draws over the connection. This in order to neatly close it all. By doing this you have connected the two elements. Repeat this process with the other elements. You are able to do this with 2 people.

You can easily install the Tubebarriers with a four people. Overall you can install a 100 meters of weir per hour when all elements are in place.

We also have a frequently asked questions page where you can find lots of information regarding installation of the Tubebarriers.