The Tubebarrier consists of a PVC material and requires virtually no maintenance.

The Material of the Tubebarrier has proven itself already for many years. In strength and temperature fluctuations also it is mold and rot-free.

When the barrier is used for flood protection, after the water has receded, it might be wet and  dirty.

At the top of the Tubebarrier there are (ventilation) holes where you can simply put in a (garden) hose to clean the inside. This should be easy, because when the water level subsides, it will also run out the dirt which might have been in the Tubebarrier.

It is best to let the Tubebarrier dry before putting in back in storage. Tubebarrier units are 10 meters long and come in bulk bins. These bins are closed plastic containers in which, the Tubebarrier should be stored when dry.

If not stored dry, the Tube might smell funky. We advice to thoroughly inspect the elements one once a year  for any defects.

It is evident that you should contact us in case of a damaged element before trying to carry out the repair yourself.

In overall, you don`t have to do a lot for maintenance, the material is easy to clean. Also after years you can clean the Flood Barrier verry easy.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the maintenance, let us know.