Easy and simple Storage the Flood Barrier

The Tubebarriers consist of elements of 10 meters which are folded down as an accordion into a pallet.

A 10 meter Tubebarrier can be reduced down to 1 meter by the accordion-effect. The pallet boxes are 100 x 120 x 120 centimeters. These boxes weigh approximately 30 kg., the Tube Barrier itself weighs about 70 kg. That will give you a total of roughly a 100 kg. per box with a 10 meter embankment. The pallet boxes have a separate lid that is easy to remove.

The boxes have sledges at the bottom so that if needed they can be pulled by human hands through grasslands or mud. Especially on rough paths that cannot be reached by car this is a godsend. The boxes can be easily stacked so that you can save a considerable amount of space.

The storage of the boxes should be dry. A dry environment ensures that any residual moisture in the boxes can evaporate.

The PVC fabric is a similar cloth which is also used on trailers and trucks. These trucks drive in all sorts of weather. This material is long lasting, and therefore very well suited for long term storage…