Climate change and flooding

Climate change in relationship to Flooding

The effects of climate change become more visible to society every day.

Rising sea levels combined with more frequent and more extreme weather resulting in floods cause unprecedented water levels.

Figure 1 shows the evolution of the number of natural disasters that have been recorded from 1980 to 2011.
The use of sandbags is the oldest and best known solution against flooding that, to this day, is primarily used.

Placement and removal requires a major commitment of men, material and equipment.

Besides the fact that society is confronted with high water levels and especially with the speed in which high water levels are reached.

Is that one of the reasons that governments, industry and consumers are looking for a temporary dam is to reduce time and money spent by installing and removing temporary dikes.

Sea levels are rising and extreme weather becomes more common. Companies and families will face a growing threat of flooding. To this day, with a threat of flooding, sandbags are primarily used.

Placement and removal of sandbags require a large commitment of manpower and equipment. The Tube Barrier is a temporary weir that can be used just like sandbags to hold back rising water.

The distinctiveness of the Tube Barrier is that it

(1) is quick to install.

(2) requires little manpower for installation and removal.

(3) does not need additional aids such as machinery and electricity for installation.

(4) is reusable.

This in contrast to the use of sandbags which in addition, sometimes must also be disposed of after use, as chemical waste.