Flood protection for homes: a matter of government or citizens?

Flooding from extreme weather with heavy rainfall is becoming more common. The streets become rivers, drains cannot handle the excess water. And before you know it, the water flows into your home. This is can be frustrating for you and devastating for your belongings. The damage which a couple of inches of water can do is huge. Your beautiful wood floors, your furniture and other precious belongings. The insurance regularly doesn’t cover everything, or just the current value, and you will be left with a substantial cost.

Prices temporary flood barriers for homes

With us you will find prices of flood defences through a small selection menu. The costs of a temporary flood defense do not have to be as high as they say. You already have a flood defense dike 40 cm high and 10 meters long for € 2500.

A special smaller version of the Tubebarrier has been developed for the private market. (commercial version of the Tubebarrier). This type of weir was created after we received multiple questions from the private market to proactively protect their own homes against flooding.

Currently the only means available for you as a person are sandbags. Sandbags are distributed in some cases by local authorities so that you can put some sandbags at your door or entrance. Often this is too little, too late or not waterproof.

Design flood barrier for house

Suppose you own a terraced house, 5.5 meters wide with a front yard. With our commercial Tubebarrier you can protect the entire house against a flood. That includes the ventilation and the crawl space! This version is 40 cm high and 5 or 10 meters long. The height of the weir has the same height as 4-5 sand bags stacked on each other.
This version can be connected very easily until the desired length has been reached. The front of the slab should be weight down or anchored by reinforcement elements or anchors.

Home flood protection barriers height

Most floods in the Netherlands do not exceed 20 cm. Therefore, in a lot of cases, is this version the solution in order to keep the water outside your home. The height of the weir is 4-5 sandbags stacked. At a length of 10 meters, you will need approximately a 1000kg of sand. And using our Barrier the volume stays below 50 kg.

How flood defences works

The commercial version of the Tubebarrier is packed in a box, but can also be delivered separately. A Tubebarrier with a length o f 10 meters can be reduced down to 50-70 cm by the accordion-effect. In extended form it is extremely flexible. At the front is a flap attached which is to be anchored in / on the ground, this is possible via different methods. When the Tube is situated in front of your home the rising water fills the barrier. So there is nothing more you need to do. When the water level drops the water flows back out of the tube, and you can let it dry and put it away for another time.

Dimensions flood defences

The dimensions are different for each of the two lengths you can order the Tubebarrier in. The extended weirs are 5 or 10 meters long and 40 cm in height. The total width including the front flap is approximately 2 meters. In reduced state the dimensions of the Tube are only 80 x 60 x 120 cm. and weighs under 50 kg.