Flood threats: what can the industry do itself?

Flooding from extreme rainfall is the fastest growing climate problem for many manufacturers. With many companies in risk areas flooding is high on the calendar, but what can they do? Every company can be faced with flooding.

When a greenhouse floods, even if only a few centimeters, it will destroy a year’s worth of harvest, all machinery and man hours are lost, the damage will cost tons or even millions. In many cases it is only possible to get a limited or even no insurance.

Last year, one of our clients, a pharmaceutical company in England was faced with a possible flooding as they were the year before. Then the premises flooded and yielded millions in damages, it was only partially insured. But now with a small investment, they have prevented a damage of possibly millions.

But who is responsible for flooding? Water boards or (local) communities or is it you? There are government rules that state who is responsible for what. But due to the extremities in the weather it is extremely hard for those parties anticipate. Therefore, we see a possibility, an opportunity for the industry to jump in.

You can profit from our experiences and preparations. In some cases we can not only sell you a product but we can provide you with a service. A service which can remove a large sum of “worries” like purchase, maintenance and installation. Through a service contract, you are ensured that when a flood threat occurs, you just have pick up to phone and call us, and we will take care of everything. Because during an impending flood, you probably are very busy and you cannot miss staff.

Should you be interested in our product or services we are happy to answer your questions.