Flooding in your street: who has which task?

Who is responsible when floods occur?. And what do the local governments and water boards do to prevent flooding? .

Perhaps the most pressing question is what we can do with the Tubebarrier to help. To local governments and water boards with their fight against floods.


Brief glance:
Our Tubebarrier can be installed quickly and virtually anywhere.

This without the use of electrilocal, pumps, or a lot of manpower.

Water in the street, is what we now increasingly see and will even more occur in the future. Through extreme rainfall it might occur that locally our drains can no longer cope with the amount of water.

Because of this our sewers flood and all the (dirty) water flows through the streets into our gardens and in some cases into our homes.

Climate changes cause higher temperatures, a rapid rising sea level and more storms.

This combination of factors may cause that more thought should be given about innovative solutions to stop or regulate water. Finally, the traditional sand bag is in many cases already obsolete and redundant.


Provide assistance for critical locations where there is a risk of flooding after extreme rainfall. These locations are often known by water boards and local governments.

We have the ability to stop a flood (to a certain extent, of course).  With the possibility for local governments and water boards to combine a service with our concept.

We can offer the Tubebarrier to you as water board or local government in a financial structure.As well as the service, you only pay a monthly fee and we will thus completely unburden you.

So we will take care of storage, maintenance and installation as well as removal of the Tubebarrier.

After all it is true that when there is flooding, you as a local government or water board need to be in many places at the same time.