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How to protect yourself from flooding with our flood barrier.

Flood defences:

Our temporary flood defense barrier, is the new temporary flood innovation. Which offers preventive measures against flooding and water damage. You have found us because you are searching for a solution, a preventive measure against flooding and water damage. You are a few clicks away from solving your problem, preventing flooding.


flood defences

More and more the streets become rivers, drains cannot handle the excess water. And before you know it, the water flows into your home. The damage which a couple of inches of water can do is huge.

A temporary barrier can help a hand

What can our temporary barrier do for homeowners…

Advantages of the temporary floodbarrier

100 meters of our mobile flood defence system can be installed in 1 hour and weighs only 6.5 kg per meter.

Why do people still opt for the traditional sand bag in the event of a flood when there are so many more beautiful innovations? Sand bags against flooding are not always the best flood protection. You can say that the sand bag flood wall is not so effective. Our temporary removable flood barriers is much more effective on waves for example. Sand bags will flush away by the impact of strong waves, our flood defences system not.Flood defence

Buying sand bags is also an expensive and one-off process. Sand bags can often only be used once. A sand bag weighs around 16 kg when it is half filled with sand. Filling the sand bags and placing them requires an enormous amount of people and good logistics to get everything in the right place. Because in many situations there is little time to lay an extra flood wall, placing a sandbag dyke is an impossible task. With 100 meters our temporary barrier of 70 cm high you can compare with a dyke of thousands of sand bags. Buying sand bags and filling sand bags and storing sand bags is expensive, intensive and very time-consuming. The purchase of our temporary flood defense is one-off, while sand bags must be purchased every time.

Flood prevention wit our certification test program for removable flood control tubes.

We have our own service on a high level with, installment, cleaning, storage and lease constructions. this means that you as a customer just need to call and we will take care of everything? Yes, that’s right everything!

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Sandbags versus the Tube water barrier

In some cases, sandbags may be a solution against flooding. Placing Sand Bags, filling Sand Bags and the enormous amount of people that you need to make that work require good logistics. That’s why you see that in this modern age the Sand Bag no longer is the solution of choice. Therefore removable flood barrier get a chance to prove itself in the battle against water.

Place sandbags on a dyke VS Tube Barrier

flood protection with our water barrier

The weather is changing and with it the precipitation. There is more and more rain locally, so much that sometimes the sewers can no longer process all that water. This is often not clean water. Suppose this water enters your house. It is not only that you have damage due to a flood, but also the smell that the flood brings. It is important to be prepared for any calamities. Too often, people, companies and governments only purchase emergency measures against flooding once they have been flooded. The damage has already been suffered.

For homeowners we have a cheap and suitable version of the flood barrier up to 40 cm high, the HOMEBARRIER. This is for sale from € 200 per meter. We also have an online calculator for the foreign market with which the customer can immediately see what the barrier will cost.

There are still plenty of water boards that buy sandbags and store them in large sheds, here the bags digest after a few years and or are eaten by vermin.

For municipalities and water boards, 40 cm heigh water barrier is often too little for a temporary flood defense, and we have the mobile dike that reaches a height of 70 cm.

How can a flood occur and what can we do about it?

A flood can have several causes. A flood comes from the sea, a lake or a river. This water comes in places where water normally does not end up. At high water levels and extremities one speaks of a disaster, but with little water one speaks of flooding. In the Netherlands, floods are mainly caused by the sea and rivers. Along rivers we regularly see a dyke breaking or flooding. This happens because a lot of precipitation falls in the upstream areas, which ends up in the rivers, which in turn can lead to flooding or flooding.

Heavy rainfall in higher-lying areas regularly causes problems and often a lot of damage in the lower-lying area.

Heavy rain and extremities in precipitation patterns have caused a lot of inconvenience since the end of the 20th century. What we see during extreme rainfall is that the sewers become overflowing and can no longer cope with the work. The sewers are overflowing and in some cases overflow. This creates rivers in the streets that regularly enter the gardens and houses. In the past, a lot of water was used to keep the water out as much as possible. Nowadays, new innovative solutions have been devised to keep the water out.

What can we do to ensure that the water does not disappear into the sewers in one go? Local projects are being started to buffer the water in the so-called water squares. This can be underground but it is also decided, for example, to deepen a public playground, park or piece of lawn at crucial locations. The excess water is then collected in these (pits).

Waterlogging solutions The Netherlands are countless and innovative. What can you do as a private person? Think tiles look more green. this allows the rainwater to run into the ground and not into the sewers. Use of (smart) rain barrels, water collection on roofs and underground collection are also common issues that you can do as a private individual.

Before we have a solution (if it comes at all), flooding remains a fact. Protecting yourself with sandbags is old-fashioned and very cumbersome. Look for this on our HOMEBARRIER flood barrier page

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Keeping “dry feet” is not always obvious. Many municipalities, with some form of flooding, are going to take measures or have already taken measures to prevent or limit flooding. The water system of drains and sewers cannot handle all that water during extreme rainfall. Some municipalities are still investigating how that is possible and how that can be prevented.

The Tube Barrier flood defences goal

Our vision is to make the world a safer place by providing protection against increased flooding in a sustainable manner. We make this possible by developing durable and easy to use products and introducing them to the market. Products that provide protection against the growing global problem of flooding.

Worldwide many parties (science, governments, companies) are searching for a simple solution to temporary hold back water. None of the temporary flood Barrier solutions is as unique as the Tube Barrier, which is easy to use without using resources as electricity, pumps or a lot of manpower, and will hold back water on all surfaces. Hence, there can actually be spoken of Fighting water with water!

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