Fighting water with water

Flood Barrier on a dyke


No water damage anymore!! Would you like to know what a flood defense will cost you? then press the button on the right.

How to protect yourself from flooding

The Tubebarrier against floods.

The Tubebarrier is the new temporary flood barrier. Which offers preventive measures against flooding and water damage. You have found us because you are searching for a solution, a preventive measure against flooding and water damage. You are a few clicks away from solving your problem, preventing flooding.

Who can use the TubeBarrier?


More and more the streets become rivers, drains cannot handle the excess water. And before you know it, the water flows into your home. The damage which a couple of inches of water can do is huge. A temporary flood Barrier can help a hand

What can the TubeBarrier do for homeowners…


Flooding from extreme rainfall is the fastest growing climate problem for many manufacturers. With many companies in risk areas flooding is high on the calendar, but what can they do with a temporary flood Barrier? Every company can be faced with flooding.

What can the TubeBarrier do for the industry…

Advantages of the TubeBarrier

Our Certification Test Program

We have our own service on a high level with, installment, cleaning, storage and lease constructions. this means that you as a customer just need to call and we will take care of everything? Yes, that’s right everything!

Sandbags versus the TubeBarrier

In some cases, sandbags may be a solution against flooding. Placing sandbags, filling sandbags and the enormous amount of people that you need to make that work require good logistics. That’s why you see that in this modern age the sandbag no longer is the solution of choice. Therefore will get a chance to prove itself in the battle against water.

Place sandbags on a dyke VS TubeBarrier


Highlight Causes and consequences of floods

The TubeBarrier goal

Our vision is to make the world a safer place by providing protection against increased flooding in a sustainable manner. We make this possible by developing durable and easy to use products and introducing them to the market. Products that provide protection against the growing global problem of flooding.

Worldwide many parties (science, governments, companies) are searching for a simple solution to temporary hold back water. None of the temporary flood Barriers solutions is as unique as the Tube Barrier, which is easy to use without using resources as electricity, pumps or a lot of manpower, and will hold back water on all surfaces. Hence, there can actually be spoken of Fighting water with water!

Would you like to see the Tubebarrier in action?

Would you like to attend a Tubebarrier demonstration on our test site?

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