Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

You have many benefits of becoming a reseller. There are many definitions of reseller however whether you are a reseller, wholesaler, distributor, or an agent, selling our products and services to another compagny, government, waterboards or local communities, it is a great way to generate revenue for you and help at the same time a lot of people!

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Become a partner / reseller flooding product up with a innovative Dutch Flood protection compagny.

RASS international BV started the innovative Dutch Flood Barrier in 2014. Join our global partner network and receive outstanding benefits and new business.

We are looking for committed dealer flood barrier/ reseller

We are looking for a dealer & reseller who are actively involved in civil engineering.

We are looking for full service dealer flood barrier/ reseller

Your focus is not on selling a product. But are more focused on the delivery of a service.

We are looking for dealers / resellers who want to grow with us…

The success of our company we would like to share with you. We are a dynamic company and a rapidly growing company. We’re looking for dealers whose ambition is to continue to develop and grow. Finally, your success is our success.

If you feel that you or your company is suitable to enter into a dealership with us, please contact us

Who are we?
We are a startup company that from 2014 have developed a good concept into a market-ready product. The company, RASS International BV) was founded in 2014 by Sukhjinder Singh and Robert Alt.

Product Development:
The product was co-conceived by Robert Alt, who carried out many tests in collaboration with the technical university in Delft. The Tubebarrier has been extensively tested for failure mechanisms, both in scale and in actual size. There has also been close collaboration with, among others, Rotterdam high school.

Test site:
We were able to test the Tubebarrier on a full scale up to 100 cm high. The test site is called Floodproof Holland and is located on the TU Delft site. The organization that made this site possible is called VP Delta and has opened many doors for us. VP Delta is a kind of accelerator that helps young companies with the startup problems. We have carried out many practical tests in this area, such as measuring leakage, water level testing, impact testing, simulating flashflood, wave action, etc.