Okay, you’ve purchased a 10 meter element but what are the flood barrier specifications?

The Tube flood defences can be brought down from 10 to 1 meters by simply sliding them together, like an accordion.  All that’s left is a package of 1 meter. This package fits in a pallet box of 100 x 120 x 120 cm. that has a lid. The pallet boxes are easy to stack since they are the same size as a block pallet.  You are wise to store the weir dry because any remaining moisture might stink. If you have more questions about how storage should be arranged please let us know.

Installation of the flood defences

The Tubebarrier is stored folded like an accordion in a pallet box. When the temporary weir is pulled out of the box, you have an element of 10 meters. If another 10 meter element is placed against it, it is very simple to connect them. How?

How it works

Okay, you’ve purchased temporary flood defences. But what does it do and how does it work & what are the flood barrier specifications ?

The easiest way to compare the effect is with a paddling pool in your garden. When you put a small amount of water in the pool, and then try to move it… that won’t work. Even though there’s not a lot of water in the pool, it creates enormous pressure on the bottom so you get a lot of friction.

This principle applies to the functioning of the Tubebarrier as well.

Installing the Tubebarrier is simple and can be done without the use of external tools.

We use the rising water to fill the Tube. Therefore it generates its own operation, “Fighting water with water” is also our motto.

Can it be that simple? Yes it can!

This page contains virtually all information that you should know about the flood barrier specifications of our preventive flood barrier. If there is something more you would like to take notice of or if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know. You can always reach us via the contact form.